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The Storm Is Here: Are you ready for a “Gruesome Economic Winter”

Many of the early financial indicators are sounding the alarm that we are entering a very dark “Economic Winter”. The market could be in freefall with a downward spiral and that would be ugly and painful for investors. How do the world’s best investors protect their wealth and profit from these conditions…

The latest “official” read on the consumer price index (“CPI”) was released this month showing that inflation is still very high at 8.3%, leaving your paper assets and retirement funds fully exposed.

The market has become extremely volatile and sensitive to inflation and Fed’s interest rate numbers. A couple tenths of a percent in the wrong direction and the Dow tumbled 1,200 points for the worst day since June 2020 after a hot inflation report. Year to date, inflation Continues to climb higher and higher.

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Economists believe that the inflation rate is in the double digits, however, they also believe that our government is reluctant to announce the true numbers as this might send the market into the unknown.

Well, imagine if the FEDs came out to say that inflation is actually more than 10%, what would happen to the financial world?


With that in mind, let’s look at the tactics the government uses to encourage investors not to panic.

Remember Covid -19? Well, the government didn’t give you the bad news at once. Instead, at first they said it will only be 30 days before we can resume work, then they dragged it out for another 60 days, before we ended up shutting down for more than a year. A couple of years later and we are still not able to control a simple virus.

However, with Covid-19 news the Dow Jones dropped within days from nearly a 30K points to below 20K points. Imagine the FED announced a complete shutdown for almost 2 years from the get-go, where would you think the DOW would have ended at the time? Would Wall Street would have ceased to exist?

Today, the FED is using the same approach with inflation. The current administration is gradually passing along the bad news, otherwise they know our economy would spiral into the unknown.

Well, Senator Ted Cruz summarized “BidenFlation” very well in one of his recent tweets in September 2022:

  • Natural Gas increased by 33%

  • Gasoline increased by 25.6%

  • Electricity by 15.8%

  • Groceries by 13.5%


Yet, our current administration insists inflation is lower than even what the official CPI rate is.


Senator Ted Cruz continued to add: “The Sad Reality is that Americans are struggling with 8.3% inflation and President Biden is living in a delusional world.”

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In a recent 60 Minutes Interview, President Joe Biden, noted “I’ve reduced the debt”. However, according to the Committee for a ReDctdible Federal Budget, President Biden has not reduced the debt but has added to it. In total, the Biden Administration has added $4.8 trillion to the deficit over the 2021-2022 period due to legislative and executive actions.

The truth of the matter is that the bull market is fading, and the bears are coming out of hibernation. Our two consecutive quarters of declining GDP seems to be heading for a hat-trick and the fear is growing as to whether our nation’s economy will Cross into depression territory instead.

We are living in a strange times…. A portfolio diversified with physical gold and silver is favorable during such economic uncertainties. No one can deny that physical gold is a must-have as part of your retirement account, in order to diversify it against all odds.

In this guide you will learn how to protect, preserve, and diversify your portfolio so as the coming economic winter arrives you know deep down that you are prepared for the worse.

Time is running out to take action on your retirement!

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