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Price of Gold Soars in Response to War

Israel Attacked— What's next for Markets?

The price of gold shot up in response to the war between Israel and Palestine. When international tensions rise and we enter a time of geopolitical uncertainty and economic instability, investors and central banks alike turn to the security and stability of Gold. Gold’s value endures through times of political turmoil, acting as a safe-haven asset when traditional investments become risky and uncertain. 

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The U.S. may be entering a dire fiscal position, with a recession predicted for the beginning of 2024. In times of war and global conflict, the government often resorts to printing more money and writing blank checks, further inflating away your purchasing power. Now is the time to diversify your portfolio and protect your wealth with Physical Gold.

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United Gold Group exists to help our clients achieve financial sovereignty by mitigating financial risks through diversification. We have assisted thousands of customers roll-over their retirement plans from annuities, mutual funds, stocks, bonds, and CD's into qualified plans with no tax consequence. With our unique full service approach, our team will work with you to formulate an investment strategy that caters to your individual needs.

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All investments carry risks. A possible risk associated with precious metals is rising and falling prices, and if you sell, you may sell for more or less than what you paid. Performances from the past do not guarantee future performances and we cannot guarantee or promise future market performances. At United Gold Group, we are precious metals specialist, we are not licensed financial advisors and do not give financial advice. Individual should always consult with their investment, legal, or tax professionals for those services. 

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