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Gold: Your Safe Haven Asset

​High Gold Expectations: UBS Bank sees Gold at $4000

Gold prices are showing resilience amidst geopolitical tensions in the Middle East, particularly following Iran’s significant missile attacks on Israel. While The Stock Market is down 2000 points in the last 3 weeks, global banks have been coming out with some major predictions for Gold, with UBS calling out a high of $4000! It's not too late to participate in this gold rebound.

Why should you invest in Gold- the Safe Haven Asset?

  • Guards against inflation- preserve your purchasing power against the threat of sustained inflation

  • Tangible asset- and the last private asset you can own

  • Easily converts back to dollars- when you're ready and the economic climate is stable again

  • Capitalize on future price increases- experts agree that the current upward trajectory of gold prices is not over

  • Reliable portfolio diversification tool- gold prices don't typically correlate with traditional investments like stocks and bonds

  • Finite resource- capitalize on limited supply and growing demand

With the coming election and the escalating political climate, now is the time to protect your wealth and your retirement savings. Every day United Gold Group helps clients like you move their money into Gold, safeguarding it against risk and inflation. Call us today (800) 753-8534.

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