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The Fall of the US Dollar

The US dollar has reigned supreme as the world's reserve currency for decades. But whispers of a potential collapse are growing louder. With US debt at 34 trillion and climbing, the Biden Administration stoking costly wars, and inflation spiraling out of control, we can't help but think of how eerily similar this is to the beginning of the collapse of the Roman Empire. People will pay with their freedom but our money system breaks and currency becomes worthless.

Since the 19th century 567 currencies are now obsolete. That means they are worthless paper or fiat currency as we call it. On average currencies only last 50-60 years once they come off the gold standard and the USA has been off since 1971- now 53 years. 

Now we are facing the collapse of the US Dollar. And by all accounts it will be replaced with the Central Bank Digital Currency. Also known as CBDC, this is programmable money that can be turned on and off and is controllable by the government. 

Now is the time to take action and protect yourself while you still can. Secure your wealth and your retirement savings with physical gold. Every day United Gold Group helps clients like you move their money into Gold, safeguarding it against risk and inflation.

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