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Protect Your Wealth from the Coming US Digital Dollar

Under the leadership of President Joe Biden, the White House and the Federal Reserve have begun to lay the groundwork for a Centralized Digital Currency that will allow the government to monitor all your financial transactions. 

On March 9th, Biden signed into law something known as Executive Order 14067 and we have found some deeply disturbing language hidden here. In just a few paragraphs, our current president has set the stage for:

  • Legal surveillance of all US citizens

  • Complete control of all bank accounts and purchases

  • The ability to crush free speech and silence opposing voices

The government wants to implement these programs to gain control of your life and how you spend your money. Keep Washington's greedy hands off your money before its too late. Protect your assets outside the system and out of reach of socialist Democrats with physical GOLD. Get your Free Asset Protection Guide now. 

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